Joint Ventures

More and more people are now looking at alternative ways to invest their money. With low interest rates and high inflation, leaving your cash in the bank means you are losing around 5% per year which is obviously not a good return.

Investors have always seen property as a viable investment. Property can be an asset that returns both cash flow and capital, over a sustained period of time.

Joint Ventures in property has its ups & downs but JMS Property Investments allows for both expected and unexpected circumstances in every acquisition, however, should the unforeseen happen, we pride ourselves on our joint liability and commitment to ensure the investment or development is brought back on track quickly and efficiently. JMS Property Investments has a proven method and track record to ensure you make a sound investment, ensuring we deliver above expectations with our existing and new investors.

We are always looking for clients to joint venture on prospective projects and we have many opportunities that we are working on such as new builds, developments, commercial conversions and refurbishments. We work with landlords, developers and investors to facilitate a joint venture and have extensive connections with property agents and specialist lenders in the commercial and residential sector.

Our services for joint ventures includes advice on:

  • Due diligence to carry out in potential joint venture partners.
  • Collaboration and informal partnering agreements.
  • Contractual and incorporated joint ventures for product development.
  • Joint ventures for property investors and developers.
  • Restructuring and terminating of joint ventures.
  • Tax advice on investment.

If you are interested in property, whether it be in developing a new build of 10 apartments or building a high cash flowing student property portfolio, we may be able to help.

For more information about joint ventures with JMS Property Investments, simply get in touch.

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